SelfLeaders | About us
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Values-based organizations and people is our passion.

A complex and changing world requires a new type of leadership based in a sense of inner security and holistic decision-making. SelfLeaders was founded in 2009, starting as a course in self-leadership at Stockholm School of Economics to meet this need.

Today we help businesses, NGOs and the public sector to become truly values-based – working with thousands of individuals. We help our clients to become better at understanding, motivating and leading themselves and others based in the latest research in motivational psychology and behavioral science.


We view all people as leaders with a strong inner capacity for motivation to contribute and create value. By helping individuals to gain a larger awareness about personal values and strengths, it becomes possible to feel more meaning and flow in everyday life. This in turn increases the level of engagement, frequency of sustainable and effective decisions, at the same time reducing stress and anxiety.

You really aren't the average type of consultants, observing from your knowledge and attitude. Your contribution is pervaded by a new kind of thinking. – HR Manager, Client Company

We offer experience-based trainings in self-leadership and consultancy services where we together with our client create the best conditions for a culture that is proactive and taking responsibility for the whole. Our modules are often part of leadership and employee programs, in recruitment and change work, and during conferences. We also help reviewing and updating internal routines such as performance reviews, making sure they encourage inner motivation, cooperation and conversations about the culture between manager and coworker.

We help our customers create strong cultures where coworkers are engaged, driving development and taking care of themselves and each other. We call it self-leadership. Contact us to co-create a solution.