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In the new world, everyone is a leader.

In a hyperconnected and interlinked world, old truths are being questioned. Globalization, digitalization and automation affect societies, organizations and people. Work tasks are becoming increasingly creative and complex. Previously successful ideas and models for how we cooperate, lead and organize ourselves have been outdated. How can we make sure that coworkers are engaged at the same time as we strengthen our collective direction? Simply put, we need new perspectives on leadership and culture, as well as effective and modern tools to facilitate positive change.

Assuming the strategy works, the key to success is engaged coworkers taking responsibility, cooperating and striving towards acting from both personal and organizational values and vision. We call this self-leadership. We offer inspiration, longer training programs and supporting cutting-edge digital tools. Together with our clients, we create, enhance or anchor the organization’s core values and vision working actively with leaders and coworkers. This leads to a measurable and documented effect in regards of motivation, feedback and cooperation. It’s all about making sure that each individual’s personal story is aligned with the collective one.


The main reasons for this is, firstly, that society is currently undergoing a values-shift on a global scale. In relatively short time, our main focus has shifted from valuing basic needs, survival and material worth to increasingly valuing self-fulfilment and contribution beyond financial goals. Many people today view their jobs as a possibility for growth and a sense of meaningfulness, where salary and bonus are hygiene factors rather than motivators. This trend is genuinely global and cross-cultural, but somewhat stronger in young, academic and urban people.

We want to contribute to building a culture that takes care of coworkers' inner drives and make sure that everyone is passionate about and takes full responsibility for the organization's purpose, core values and goals.

Secondly, everyday work tasks, even simpler ones, demand a large portion of complex and creative problem-solving capacity. Research has consistently shown that internally motivated coworkers perform higher than colleagues motivated by external rewards. From a leadership and organizational perspective, old school goal-setting and ”command and control” management does not work anymore. The most effective method today is to replace rules and control and instead create a common direction with organizational values acting as the guiding star in all decisions. Only then we have created the right conditions for autonomy for individuals and teams, supporting the organization in reaching today’s high level of adaptability demanded by the market.

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