SelfLeaders | Ekskäret Klustret
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Towards a more conscious society.

At SelfLeaders, we are an integrated part of the larger organization Ekskäret Klustret – a co-working space and connection point for entrepreneurs, thinkers and changemakers. Through our engagement and operations, we have the will and the collective power to positively transform individuals, businesses and society. Together we influence the development towards a more conscious society.

Ekskäret Klustret is a growing arena for exploring conversations, workshops, events, seminars, and more on themes relating to a more conscious development of individual, organization and society.


Ekskäret Klustret is fully owned by the foundation Ekskäret whose main purpose is to be a co-creator if a more conscious prosperous and sustainable society. The foundation is convinced that personal development is the most important means of long-term and sustainable development of individuals, organizations and society. The Klustret organization offers venues for inquisitive exploration encounters and lifelong learning.

Ekskäret Klustret is a physical manifestation of our belief that it is possible to co-create a more conscious society.

The foundation Ekskäret support different initiatives, conferences, seminars, courses, etc. with the goal of bringing together people and organizations in a lifelong exploration and learning, often with transboundary perspectives. The foundation is operated without profit interest and is non-religious and non-ideological. Both SelfLeaders and Ekskäret Klustret are part of Epicenter in central Stockholm – Sweden’s house of innovation.

We help our customers create strong cultures where coworkers are engaged, driving development and taking care of themselves and each other. We call it self-leadership. Contact us to co-create a solution.