SelfLeaders | Leadership
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A new leadership paradigm for a changing world.

A high level of adaptability is required in today’s fast-paced society. A clear common direction combined with a high level of flexibility for coworkers and teams is needed in order to achieve this goal. This is what our methodology is all about.

A good leader is a role model for others. In a fast-changing world requiring a high level of adaptability, we believe that everyone can, and should, be a leader. Leadership is more about supporting and coaching coworkers towards finding, developing and contributing in line with one’s one unique drive. For the coworker, it is all about the will and courage to take responsibility for both parts and whole.


We offer trainings stretching from a few hours to longer cultural transformation programs including both managers and coworkers. Participants learn concrete tools to help them become better at understanding, motivation and learning themselves and others in everyday work. We also help with clarifying organizational values and common direction, creating strong culture ambassadors directly affecting motivation and sense of responsibility.


We provide several different types of modules focusing on better leadership and self-leadership in a changing world. A few examples include values implementation, feedback, self-perception, personal efficiency and a range of skills we never acquired in the educational system. Through transformational learning we have the opportunity to create more trust and collaboration in teams. Concrete results in employee surveys are measurable. Please look to some of our case scenarios for inspiration.

Gain a deeper understanding of our methodology. Contact us or join one of our seminars in Stockholm.